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Charles Murphy

About the Artist, Charles Murphy

I am a retired person who worked in the Banking industry for thirty years. I was born in the beautiful Gaspé region of Quebec and now reside in Whitby, Ontario. I’ve always loved drawing and painting, but never really worked at it until recently, say around the year 2008. I work mainly in watercolour and acrylic for landscapes and prefer soft pastels for portraits. I dabbled in charcoal drawings when in my twenties, but raising a family of four kids did not leave much time for such leisurely pursuits. My wonderful wife, a registered nurse who also worked while raising our kids, deserves the bulk of the credit for my successes in life. A great cook, a wonderful mother and grandmother, she’s also the one who encouraged me to join a local creative arts club near our hometown.

My three daughters all seem to have inherited my love for the arts. They are all talented artists, but have put aside the drawing and painting, to pursue their individual careers, as I did. I take comfort in the knowledge that they will have their art to pursue and nurture when they in turn have the spare time. One of my daughters is a web designer, and thanks to her encouragement and talent, I am able to showcase some of my work here in cyberspace.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you join a local arts group if, like me, you would like to take up drawing and painting in your retirement years. You will improve your art by learning new techniques, and enjoy the company of new friends in the art world.